Chi effect and former Wanna One male god love ing? ! TWICE members have long known to help cover? !

Chi effect and former Wanna One male god loveing? ! TWICE members have long known to helpcover? !



A sudden blow in the morning! Korean women's group TWICE isactually in love with ing? ! I still haven't figured outwhat the situation is. Anyway, "Pu Zhixiao love", "Jiang Daniel andTwice captain love ing" and so on are all hot searches, fans areanxious! !

According to the news from the Korean media Dispatch (D), it wassaid that the little fresh meat god Jiang Daniel (former member ofWanna One) and TWICE captain Park Ji-sung secretly dated, andattached a set of photos, even saying that they both were early Itwas already together at the beginning of this year! !


According to Dispatch's report, the secret date is JiangDaniel's high-end villa in Hannan Cave, and Park Ji-effect driveshis own Mercedes-Benz to the southern villa. Because thesecurity of the area is tight, the ambition can avoid the sight ofthe surrounding area and freely enter the superior villa of JiangDaniel! (If the news is true, it can be seen that therelationship between the two is really not normal!)


Not only that, the Korean media also revealed that the two willmeet once a week or more, especially the day before the TWICEoverseas tour was prepared for the country, and the two met in thevilla! On the second day after returning to China, I couldn』twait to see my boyfriend!

It is reported that Jiang Daniel SOLO debuted on the same day,Jiang Daniel came back from the showcase, Zhizhi immediately wentto find him and cheer for him. Zhishi is really a 100%intimate girlfriend!


According to a person familiar with the matter, Jiang Daniel andZhixiao originally became attached to each other last year, andthey are the official IDOL-born predecessors who took the red linefor the two! The news even said that the relationship betweenthe two has been made public among TWICE members, so it is not asecret at all! Zhixiao also used the car of other members ofTWICE to go to the home of Jiang Daniel, and then returned to thesame location to pick up the timid tim!


Oh my God! Related reports say it seems to be thesame! ! I really hope that Jiang Daniel and Zhixiao willgive you less good news later! !